The Origins


The history of Sartoria Colazzo dates back to 1966, when the founder and Maestro, Arcangelo, was sent to learn the tailor job – as it was common in South Italy’s small villages at that time.That experience truly inspired Arcangelo, and freed his creativity.

Actually, there were difficult moments but little Arcangelo was soon noticed for his talent and speed with needle and thread. Both characteristics were fundamental for his professional future and for that of its disciples and shop.
The young Arcangelo did not fit in the small village, therefore he soon moved to the most vibrant cultural and social Italian centre of that time… Rome.
You can imagine how exciting was living there.
“Those years were amazing” – he used to say – “But I had to work hard”.

Certainly, the working environment was rigorous though stimulating; he thus learnt a lot, and also used to retain renowned clients.P_20160224_121608_HDR-minTime went by and Arcangelo had to come back home.It was in his hometown, Martano, that Arcangelo founded his own tailor’s shop, today known as “Sartoria Colazzo”, inside the house where he lived with his mother and brother.

Those years were complicated: Martano was not Rome but Arcangelo worked very hard – day and night if necessary – and against all odds he finally succeeded.
He attended sewing classes, and he has never stopped to improve his skills and products – that have actually changed over the years following  trends and new techniques – but he has never given up his identity.
Today Arcangelo is admired and respected a lot, especially by foreign customers.
Sartoria Colazzo is still active, also thanks to the positive energy brought by three fundamental people. Ada, Arcangelo’s wife, has been by his side for more than fifty years. She is the family’s core; she holds the pace and gives directions. She definitely keeps the family’s balance.

Then there are Alessandro and Giovanni, Arcangelo’s heirs, who have been taught to work hard and sacrifice.
Actually, they are the true protagonists of Sartoria Colazzo’s new deal: they have reached new markets especially abroad.
Known at home and abroad, Sartoria Colazzo focuses on customers’ needs, and provides tailored suits wholly handmade.
Elegance and style are still a must.
Richness of details, the quality of textiles and their refined style are at the basis of a suit that respects traditions but looks at the future.